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Catch up with the popular "casual clothes Kingdom"

Catch up with the popular "casual clothes Kingdom"

There have been the author, entitled "Jeanswest, chasing fashion to get ahead." Indeed, catch up with popular, is an accurate description of market positioning Jeanswest. Now, catch up with the popular Jeanswest have occupied the domestic leading position in casual apparel market, becoming the most high-income groups in 18-40 year-old favorite leisure brands.
It is worth mentioning that the wave of new media in the network, the Jeanswest is the first application of network marketing a clothing brand. Now, it is established with the NetEase Web exclusive "leisure kingdom", the leading casual wear brand, successful ground floor to the Internet. "Keeping pop" the success of the original brand positioning Jeanswest a clothing brand in Australia, Rising Sun Group of Hong Kong in 1990 was co-purchase with the local importer, and through continuous efforts, succeeded in extending the product distribution network to New Zealand other areas. In 1993, Jeanswest to enter the Mainland market, the first Jeanswest store opened in Shanghai. At this point, the market has not the concept of casual wear, Jeanswest its atmosphere and lack of leisure wear fashion design style, at once won the young people.

After ten years of development, Jeanswest has more than 20 provinces and cities in the country has opened nearly 1,000 stores, has now the largest casual apparel sales network, have begun planting the year's harvest to market. Jeanswest brand's success, thanks to superior product quality and excellent design, thanks to more than 10 years to build the brand image and sales networks. More critical is the development of Jeanswest has a unique brand concept: keeping pace with popular fashion without guidance, to "brand-name popularity." Jeanswest Chairman Mr. Yang Xun's explanation is: "If Jeanswest market position is to guide or to create pop pop, Jeanswest could not walk such a long way. We will Jeanswest positioned immediately popular, is to the world the latest in a timely manner, is the popular thing to take over, add your own design style, into the Chinese market. the overwhelming majority of consumers of leisure services in the mid-range clothing for the 70% to 75% consumers, if we give up this market to do high-end market, the odds would be much lower. "mid-range of consumers, while in the grasp, Jeanswest subdivision of the user market, through products and different levels of consumption to build one to one relationship. For example, 20-23-year-old 23-25 ​​year old consumers and consumer demand for the products will have very different needs of different customers Jeanswest segment will come out and provide the appropriate product design. Thus, consumers of all ages Jeanswest brand favorability have been improved. Netease create JeansWest exclusive online "leisure Kingdom" Jeanswest communication with customers, too, take a distinctive path. Jeanswest not looking for celebrity endorsements brand, there are few TV ads, but a series of advocacy by organizing free and leisure activities to influence more young, trendy consumers.

In 2002, NetEase has been a series of marketing activities Jeanswest exclusive online media partner. As the most active portal, Netease Jeanswest for many years to help a successful marketing communications. In recent years, Jeanswest held for a "fashion design school Jeanswest Cup Competition", and tap the great potential of the student market; organized a "casual Jeanswest Fashion Design Contest," "Extreme Sports Jeanswest National Masters" "Jeanswest Chinese Model Contest" and is in full swing in the "super-rookie selection Jeanswest" and a series of large-scale marketing activities, to influence the younger consumer groups.

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